Get to know the experts: Courtney Riddley, Customer Service Representative

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Like many people, Courtney Riddley has had a fear of bugs and rodents since she was a child. She recalls that her brother used to torture her with snails – and even put them in her hair once. That instilled a healthy fear that gives Courtney a great foundation for relating to customers’ problems, which she does every day as a Customer Service Representative for Western Exterminator.

Based in Anaheim, California, Courtney has only been with the company for six months, but she’s learning more about the industry every day. Her limited tenure hasn’t stopped her from being a customer service all-star, either. On average, Western Exterminator CSRs handle 1,200 calls a month – in October, Courtney fielded nearly 10% more than average. For her outstanding efforts, she was awarded Customer Service Representative of the Month.

In addition to being a great team player, Courtney has become an expert at debunking pest myths. For example, she’s had multiple callers ask if putting out raw meat will draw bed bugs out of hiding – and her answer is always a resounding no. The only tried and true method for eliminating bed bugs, she says, is to call in a professional like Western.

Like her CSR peers at Western, Courtney is very skilled at making good assessments of customer issues over the phone. She holds herself to high standards, and she’s always a little disappointed when she isn’t able to offer an immediate solution, but there are sometimes calls that require further investigation. That’s when she calls in reinforcements.

“It’s not always a simple call about ants in the kitchen,” says Courtney.

In those instances, she’ll dispatch a Western Specialist to conduct a free inspection, properly identify the pest issue, and put in place the best plan of action for permanent resolution of the problem.

The ability to make those needed judgment calls are what make a great CSR, Courtney believes. She’s aspiring to be that every day by asking the right questions to determine the best possible solution for a customer.  

“Just knowing that they’re satisfied at the end of the call is the best part of my job,” she says with a smile.

Marina Courtney

Marina Courtney is the Creative Services Specialist at Rentokil North America. A people person by nature, Marina specializes in finding the story in any situation. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and fur babies.

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