German Cockroach Versus American Cockroach

Dead-cockroachesCockroaches don’t wear name tags or hand out business cards, and in Oregon, we have more than a few. When you call Alpha Ecological pest control in Carlton, OR about these home invaders, are you fighting against American or German cockroaches? These two bugs belong to the same scientific order, Blattodea, but each one is actually a different species.

Flying American Adversaries

The big, reddish-brown cockroaches outside your house make their way inside because your home provides so many foraging opportunities. They’re members of the Periplaneta americana species, but they’re better known as American cockroaches. These winged bugs populate damp environments throughout the Willamette Valley, but they prefer the comfort of living indoors. They average 3 inches in length and fly when startled. One female can infest your home with as many as 800 roaches in just a year.

Determined German Contenders

Ask exterminators in Carlton, OR about Blattella germanica, and they’ll explain that German cockroaches are one of the most common household insects. These pests sneak into your home inside grocery bags and cardboard boxes, and they eat soap, paper and toothpaste. Their half-inch length makes it easy for them to hide in tiny wall cracks. The little bugs sport two dark lines down their light tan backs, and they rarely fly. A lone female can produce offspring numbering over 30,000 in a single year. Yuck.

Different Players, Same Team

While there are more than 4,000 species worldwide, American and German cockroaches are among the most common household pests. Both can survive without food for a month, but they don’t have to because they’re accomplished cabinet raiders. They can live without water for a week, but open drains and hidden leaks provide all they need. Both types of cockroaches reproduce inside walls and travel through duct-work, and it takes expert pest control in Carlton, OR to stop these insects before they turn into a serious infestation.

When they’re raiding the pantry, you don’t care which family they belong to, but fighting different cockroach species often requires different tactics. Arm yourself with a little knowledge, and let Western Exterminator professional exterminators take over the battle. With their pest elimination expertise, you can win the war against bugs. Contact us today and set up an appointment with a pest control specialist today!

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