Empty Homes May Bring Rodent Infestations

The effects of a foreclosure can impact a neighborhood and lower the value of surrounding homes in more ways than one. Rodents, being the ultimate squatters, see a vacant house as prime real estate. Such a home offers hassle-free shelter; nooks and crannies for hiding and playing; carpeting for nests; and toilet bowls for swimming. The best houses for rodents are those that have been vacant for a while or haven’t yet been fixed up, as these often provide a convenient water supply via leaks or other accumulated moisture. House for sale

Portland pest control companies warn that once rodents take up residence in a foreclosed home, it’s only a matter of time before they venture out into the neighborhood in search of food and additional properties to inhabit. In such cases, it’s especially important for the surrounding homeowners to practice sound home rodent control techniques to avoid an infestation.

Rodents that Take Advantage of the Foreclosure Market

The most common types of rodents you will find squatting in vacant homes are rats, mice and squirrels – the insulation in the walls is perfect for their nests. Occasionally some larger critters such as opossums and raccoons will also take advantage of vacant homes.

Home Rodent Control Tips

When these rodent squatters start sniffing around the neighborhood, your property may look appealing if it offers easy access to food and places to hide. Use the following Portland rodent control tips to make your home unattractive:

  • Seal cracks that are 1/8 inch or larger on the exterior walls of your home. Mice can squeeze through holes that are as small as dimes.
  • Keep your landscape well manicured and free of debris, weeds, tree limbs that overhang your home and scraggly bushes.
  • Fix gaps between your shingles and gutters.
  • Always place a lid on outdoor garbage cans. Use lidded garbage cans inside your home, as well.
  • Never leave food out in the open, including pet food.
  • Eliminate sources of standing water.
  • Avoid using a birdfeeder that allows seeds and bird droppings to fall to the ground.

It can be tough to deal with the loss of neighbors and falling property values, and rodents don’t help the situation. By using these home rodent control techniques, you can keep pests at bay and prevent a hostile takeover of your home.

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