Eating Insects: Try it, You Might Like It

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Food scarcity is a hot topic in today’s world. Whether it’s drought or other issues, there are countries throughout the world that struggle to feed their populations. To combat food scarcity, scientists and nutritionists are aggressively looking for alternative means to provide food to people in a way that is renewable, plentiful and easy.

It turns out insects might be that way.

As a part of the Rentokil family of brands, we have been hosting and sponsoring pop-up Pestaurants in recent years that serve insects in foods. We even offer a cookbook for people to cook their own insect-based recipes. Before you think that crazy, let’s take a look at the benefits.

Download the Pestaurant Cookbook
Download the Pestaurant Cookbook

Insects are Plentiful

There are a lot of insects. They are easy to produce in labs and they are easy to create in large numbers. Most of the truly edible,  vitamin and mineral rich insects out there produce large numbers of eggs when they reproduce. This means that, generally, insects are much more plentiful than a lot of plants and most animals. This makes insects are a perfect source lots and lots of food.

Insects are easy to turn into food

Although the Pestaurant events that Western Exterminator have been hosted featured cooked whole insects into food, there is also a movement to create things like ground crickets that can be used in foods like flour or mixed in with flour and other substances that people cook with to gain the nutrients.

Insects are loaded with nutrients

Protein is key to survival. Amino acids are also necessary for the human body to function. Insects are low in fat and loaded with vitamins that are key to human function, too. Insects are loaded with more vitamins and minerals than some plants and meats available from other animals. For areas where people are suffering from low nutrition and vitamin deficiencies, insects could be the solution.

Insects are flexible

Insects can be eaten in a variety of ways. Already there are foods like chocolate covered ants. Ants are also often sold in cans in some South American countries and people use them in their diets. They can be fried and seasoned in a variety of flavors. They can be ground up. Larvae, like mealworms, can be baked into meals and foods. There are also a wide range of insects that can be used.

Insects are environmentally sound

The problem with the large, or factory, farms that are common in the United States and across the world, is that they end up taking up huge amounts of land and there is some dispute as to how environmentally sound they are. Insects are environmentally friendly. They need a lot less space, don’t consume a lot of food and can live in a wide variety of conditions. This means you can have insect farms almost anywhere in the world.

(Some say) insects taste good

Although there is some debate about this one, there are some who say insects actually taste great. If humans can get past their initial aversion to the idea of eating insects, they often find that they taste pretty good. They are often described as tasting like nuts, certain types of fish or even like (yes) chicken. Seasoned crickets and mealworms often taste like whatever seasoning is on them rather than any type of meat.

Western Exterminator is the expert in insects

Whatever the insect, Western Exterminator has experts that can help. We believe that insects that become pests need to be handled by pest control insects, but that outside of that, they often have lots of uses, too. If you have a pest control problem, contact us for help. If you want to try using insects in your diet, be sure to download our cookbook and start cooking!

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Ashley is a Digital Content Manager with Rentokil. She loves drinking coffee and spending time with her dogs.

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