DIY Spider Pest Control: Spider Repellent

While spiders are beneficial, they often give people the creeps. Your first instinct may be to kill the eight-legged pests, but it’s also worth considering how you can prevent their presence. When it comes to pest control, spiders are simpler to manage and foil than to kill.

Anti-Spider Tips

Spiders often come into your home because they think it’s a safe place for them to live. These simple practices will show them your turf is more hostile than friendly:

Remove outdoor debris. Spiders like to hide and make webs in debris. Getting rid of it will help eliminate spider real estate.

Keep your home clean. When you dust and vacuum, you eliminate established webs and egg sacs. Once a spider’s home is destroyed, it will look for a new place to live. Plus, keeping your home clean helps prevent visits from the insects spiders dine upon.

Change outdoor light bulbs. Spider food (insects) are attracted to white outdoor lights. Replace outdoor bulbs with those that cast a yellow light to detract insects.

Seal cracks around the exterior of your home, and repair or replace window screens. Don’t give spiders a covert way to enter your home.

Spider Repellant Recipes

Unwanted scents: Spiders don’t like garlic, peppermint or spearmint. You can create your own repellent by mixing several drops of essential peppermint or spearmint oils into a spray bottle filled with water. Or, use a garlic press to smash a clove of garlic into a spray bottle full of water. Shake the bottle to mix the ingredients.

Tobacco brew: Make a mock teabag using the end of a nylon stocking or a coffee filter, and fill it with ½ cup of chewing tobacco or half of a crumbled cigar. Bring a gallon of water to a boil and place the teabag of tobacco in the water; allow it to steep for 30 minutes. After you remove the tea bag from the water, allow the water to cool and pour it into a spray bottle.

Spray either solution into areas where spiders may enter your home or hang out, like around windows and corners of a room. If you’re having a hard time getting rid of spiders in your home, contact a pest control company.

Professional Spider Control

The pros can conduct an inspection to find where spiders are nesting and determine the causes of the infestation. Call Western Exterminator at 888-444-6138 or contact us online.

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