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Is there a danger to having too many “small” bug bites on your body?

I counted a total of 13 bug bites on mt body. #wtf? #itchy

— Jenna Rau (@jenna_rau22) August 29, 2012

Yes, it can be dangerous to have many small bug bites. Most bug bites are fairly harmless, but are annoying and cause the misery of compulsive scratching. However, bugs can transmit infectious bacteria and viruses that can cause anything from skin infections to life-threatening diseases. It is important to get rid of pests, especially inside the home.

Even without transmission of disease, scratching bug bites can lead to breaks in the skin that may ultimately become infected and leave unsightly scars. Some individuals have severe allergic reactions to specific bug bites and need prompt medical attention. Unfortunately, as with most bug problems, for every visible bug, there is often many more hiding.

Some common culprits of multiple, small bug bites are fleas and bed bugs. Both types of bugs are small, easily overlooked and can quickly become an infestation that cannot be eradicated or controlled with standard in-store products. Fleas can be dangerous because they may cause cross-contamination. The flea may acquire infectious bacteria after biting an animal, and transmit bacteria to a human when they bite them. As their name implies, bed bugs are often found in a bed, but they are hardy enough to hide in numerous places. Individuals that have a bed bug infestation often wake up with numerous clusters of bites, which itch profusely. Professional pest control services are often the most effective method of remedying the situation, especially for bed bugs.

Another potential hazard does not come directly from bug bites, but from them traveling on surfaces. Little bug feet can spread contamination on dishes or other surfaces that come into contact with food, which can cause gastrointestinal problems similar to food poisoning. Therefore, a typical bug bite can serve as a literal red flag that bugs are lurking around and they can be on any surface.

Don’t let seemingly small bug bites become a large problem. Contact Western Exterminator to help with your pest control needs. We service areas throughout California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, and Nevada.

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