Creepy, Crawly Fun at the Natural History Museum’s Spider Pavilion

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Spiders are remarkable, fascinating creatures that have become my favorite insect to study and observe. After all, what’s not to like about an insect that can weave a six- foot web overnight and serve as the perfect front man for Halloween – my favorite holiday!

That’s why I am thrilled that Western Exterminator Company is again sponsoring the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum’s Spider Pavilion that runs now through Sunday, November 8.

Visitors to the pavilion, which has been redesigned since last year’s event, will have the opportunity to view and observe more than 300 species of spiders from around the world in their natural habitats. It’s creepy, but it’s a lot of fun, too. How often do you get to see these creatures up close, knowing you don’t need to be afraid?

You can experience what it’s like to be a giant wood spider (the largest orb weaving spider in the world that can spin web 10-feet wide!) or a golden silk spider (one of North America’s largest). Visitors will also be able to observe tarantulas and an eight-eyed jumping spider!

You can go nose to nose (or nose to tarsal in this case!) with your favorite spider or choose to observe them from a more comfortable distance. Either way, there is a lot to learn about these fascinating creatures whose web silk, in case you didn’t know, is actually stronger and tougher than steel for its weight. Just try knocking a spider web down – they can really hold on to most any surface.

Spider Pavilion-goers will also be captivated by spiky orb-weavers and the Day-Glo-colored orchard spiders.

As you stroll through the Spider Pavilion, you can observe feeding demonstrations (Did you know spiders like to eat insects, including other spiders!) and have all your spider-related questions answered by one of the museum’s knowledgeable guides.

From jewel garden spiders to common orb weavers, the Spider Pavilion at the L.A. County Natural History Museum is not to be missed.

For a great day of fun I absolutely recommend exploring the cool world of spiders by making plans to visit the Spider Pavilion. The exhibit, once again sponsored by all of us at Western Exterminator Company, runs through Sunday, November 8, so don’t miss out. Visit for more information on hours and tickets.

As always, feel free to reach out to me and ask any pest-related questions you might have. Our entire team of entomologists and I are here to help.
Until next time, thanks for making Western Exterminator “The Final Word in Pest Control®”

Have a pest free day!

Mr. Little

He’s represented Western for nearly a century. But he’s no old fogey. Follow Mr. Little’s blog for pest tips and facts!

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