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Crawlspace Upkeep For Wet Winter Months

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Crawlspace Maintenance Tips

Homeowners know the difficulty of keeping up with all of the different projects in and around the house. Preventative maintenance on roofing, siding, plumbing, and electrical work are common knowledge to homeowners, but what about crawlspaces? Crawlspaces are often one of the most neglected areas of the home. In fact, some homeowners do not even know where their crawlspace entrance is located! Crawlspaces are an ideal location where mice and rats seek shelter. Knowing the ins and outs of your crawlspace and how water is kept out from underneath your home is crucial if you are living in wet weather climates. The Pacific Northwest is no stranger to rainstorms and flooding. Recently the Portland-Metro area including Gresham, Oregon, Clackamas, Oregon, and Battle Ground, Washington experienced massive flooding with snow melt and constant rainstorms. Water seeks out the lowest point, and often times city waterways can become inundated by the amount of water that needs to pass through them.

Crawlspaces are crucial to the foundation and health of your house, and upkeep is critical because much of the air that circulates throughout the home that you and your family breathes comes up from the crawlspace. If there is moisture, mold, fungi, or rodent activity present, the health implications can be serious in the long term. Here are a few tips on how to keep your home’s crawlspace maintained:

  • Check your crawlspace at least once a year especially after heavy rain or flooding. If there is any standing water or moisture in the crawlspace, there is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately.
  • Get sump pumps checked and serviced regularly. Sump pumps are used to pump out excess water from crawlspaces. If the sump pump fails, the crawlspace will become flooded which can cause structural and foundation problems to your home.
  • Listen for scratching noises or movement underneath your home. If you can hear rodent and wildlife activity underneath your floorboards, that means these critters have a way of getting in and out. It is important to address those issues immediately as rodents can cause thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of damage to crawlspaces, heat ducts, vapor barriers, and insulation.
  • If you notice a damp or musty smell or any odors emitting from your crawlspace or heat vents, there can be moisture in the crawlspace or even dead rodents. Strong smells and odors in the crawlspace are tell-tale signs that there is something wrong.
  • Take crawlspace maintenance seriously.  Your family’s health and well-being is priceless, and the structural integrity of your home is incredibly important. Crawlspaces should be checked at least once annually by a crawlspace professional. Western Exterminator not only exterminates pests and rodents, but we can also provide crawlspace services and restorations.

Crawlspace Services Western Offers

Rodents that take up residence in your crawlspace can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Western Exterminator Company has a dedicated crawlspace restoration team that can help keep rodents and other pests out. Our team specializes in sump pump installation, odor management, insulation removal and insulation repair, general crawlspace cleanout, and crawlspace sanitation services in Beaverton, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. Our crawlspace restoration team also specializes in exclusion services that helps keep rodents like mice and rats out of your home.

Our crawlspace team in the Northwest can restore even the most damaged crawlspaces that have been ravaged by rodents. Our team can do it all. There is no need to contact multiple contractors and pest control companies to get insulation, heat ducts, vapor barriers, water damage, and rodent control. Our technicians are trained to do it all. We can even offer full crawlspace encapsulations which many of our competitors in the Northwest cannot.

2017 is a year brimming with opportunity, and Western Exterminator Company wishes you the best. Hopefully, you are not going to spend time worrying about bed bugs, rats, and mice this year. Your local pest control experts recommend scheduling your winter check to catch pest problems early. Contact us today and ask about our pestfree365 program. We will get one of our state-licensed technicians out to your home to make sure your home remains pest free all 365 days in 2017!

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