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Controlling Carpet Beetles

Are you noticing holes in natural fiber clothing, carpets, curtains, upholstery or other textiles? Carpet beetles may be the culprit.

Less than ¼ inch long, the female carpet beetle lays between 50 and 100 eggs at a time. Adult carpet beetles live outdoors and feed on pollen, but larvae thrive on animal-derived sources of foods like wool, feathers, fur, hair brushes, pet hair and natural fibers in carpet and upholstery. They do not feed on synthetic materials. Although adults live only a few weeks, larvae live one year or longer depending on availability of food.

There are several varieties of carpet beetles that live in the states including the black carpet beetle, varied carpet beetle, and furniture carpet beetle. Adult beetles often enter a building on leaves or flowers brought inside, or they may fly inside. Eggs are laid in dark places near a food source such as ducts with accumulated lint, under the edges of carpets, in closets or in stored items that are not well sealed. Larvae can exist for several weeks without food. Professional Western Exterminator technicians have the expertise to find nests and larvae and recommend a treatment plan.

Carpet Beetle Pest Control

Seeing a few carpet beetles does not mean you have an infestation. However, you may have an infestation if you find irregularly-shaped holes in fabrics or see small larvae or skin casts around baseboards, in dried pet food, in cracks in flooring or in upholstery. There are several techniques for successful carpet beetle pest control.


How You Can Protect Your Property From Carpet Beetles

Start by vacuuming thoroughly, cleaning infested areas and destroying or removing the food source. Expensive items like furs can be put into cold storage. Seasonal clothing can be dry cleaned and stored in air-tight containers. Use window and door screens to keep insects from entering the premises. Carpet beetles also nest in bird and animal nests. Remove old nests from the exterior of your home and sanitize the area.

Once the larvae are established, eradication without a professional pest management service may be difficult. Furniture, carpets and other large household items may require professional treatment. Western Exterminator technicians use natural and chemical agents to remove, cleanse and treat areas of infestation. Repeated treatment may be required to completely stop the breeding cycle.

Western Exterminator specializes in green pest control practices and uses the best-reduced toxicity products available. If you suspect carpet beetles have invaded your home, Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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