Common Oregon Spiders

Many different spider species live and thrive in Oregon’s Pacific Northwest climate. From house spiders to the long-legged sac spider, these gangly creatures infest many homes and yards throughout the state. Some spiders appear more often than others and invade living spaces, creating a need for professional Western Exterminator in Noti, OR.

5 Common Spiders in Oregon

  1. American House Spider

The American house spider has long, skinny legs with individual hairs near its feet. It has a brown body with black on its bulbous abdomen and darker spots along its legs. Though the American house spider has venom, it’s not lethal to humans.

  1. Black and Yellow Garden Spider

Named for its distinctive coloring, the black and yellow garden spider spins large webs in gardens across Oregon. It has a gray head and long legs with yellow and black banding. This spider hangs upside down in the center of its web and drops to the ground if it’s disturbed.

  1. Long-Legged Sac Spider

This small, pale spider has long legs and builds a silk web in corners and dark spaces. It uses its long legs for ambushing prey, which it brings back to its web for dinner. The long-legged sac spider does not have lethal venom, but it can deliver a very painful bite.

  1. Putnam Jumping Spider

The Putnam jumping spider gets its name from its keen ability to jump four or five times its body length. It’s covered in brown hair and has black tufts of hair above its eyes and along its head.

  1. Thin-Legged Wolf Spider

Thin-legged wolf spiders infest garages and outdoor areas. They have dark bodies and hunt during the day and night. They claim a territory and roam freely without the need to build a web shelter.

Spider Pest Control in Noti OR

Sealing cracks and crevices around your home can prevent spiders from coming in and staking claim in a corner. Western Exterminator Pest Control professionals can also help to locate problematic entry points and create a barrier to prevent future spider infestations. Contact Western Exterminator Pest Control to set up a free inspection of your home today!

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