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Unfortunately, bed bugs are still making their mark across the United States and pest management professionals from Miami to Manhattan Beach are working hard to keep this nasty little pest in check.

After experiencing a frightening re-birth a little over five years ago, some experts thought the bed bug resurgence would flame out quicker than a contestant from The Voice or American Idol. I’m glad we didn’t put much stock into the words of those so-called experts!

bed bugBed bugs continue to plague both commercial and residential facilities in cities big and small. Recently, a New York woman sued a prestigious hotel chain claiming she suffered bed bug bites after staying at a North Carolina hotel last fall.

The lawsuit, which seeks more than $7 million in damages, alleges negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress and breach of contract. The woman claimed she was bitten by bed bugs and that when she pulled back her pillow case, hundreds of the blood-sucking pests emerged. Talk about one potentially expensive bed bug problem!

The pest professionals at Western Exterminator Company, have been busy researching and testing some of the latest bed bug management technology that has recently hit the market. The number of products being marketed to consumers and pest management professionals claiming to effectively eliminate bed bugs would make less dedicated folks see red!

Obviously, some of the products work well and some, shall we say, wouldn’t eliminate a bed bug if it was stuck on the bottom of your shoe while you were jumping rope!

As a result, the Federal Trade Commission has stepped into the fray and looked at truth-in-advertising claims for some bed bug management products. The bottom line is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  My advice, put your trust in a pest management professional who understands the biology of the beast and is committed to helping customers eliminate the problem not sell ineffective gadgets or products.

Western Exterminator’s knowledgeable Technical Division has not only identified the proven bed bug management products that effectively eliminate bed bugs from your home or business but also developed protocols for a comprehensive inspection – the first step to getting the upper hand on bed bugs.

Bed bugs are highly mobile and getting an accurate fix on their location and making a proper identification can be a challenge. This is where a highly trained canine nose comes in handy. Bed bugs have no chance to escape from ‘the nose that knows!’

Bed bugs are adept at hiding in cracks and crevices in any place that offers a safe harborage, not just your bed.  Although often found around mattresses and bed frames in homes, hotels, nursing facilities and dorm rooms, bed bugs are likely to be found in drapes, nightstands, picture frames, electrical outlets, light fixtures, luggage, clothing, shoes, your favorite easy chair, public transportation and even movie theaters, clothing stores and restaurants.

Since they are so small it’s very difficult to see them with the naked eye, tracking them by smell has proven to be the most accurate means of detection. When a certified canine inspector finishes a bed bug inspection you can be assured that if bed bugs are present, you’ll know!

Two visible signs of a possible bed bug infestation include:

bed bugs

  • Blood stains from crushed bugs or by rusty (sometimes dark) spots of excrement on sheets and mattresses, bed clothes, walls, and furniture.
  • Fecal spots, egg cases, and shed skins in the vicinity of possible hiding places like mattress or bed frames.

Do you think you might have bed bugs? If so, the team at Western Exterminator can help. You can send me an e-mail at [email protected] and I’ll be sure to get back to you right away.

Until next time, thanks for making Western Exterminator “The Final Word in Pest Control®”

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