Carpet Crawler: Learn About Carpet Beetles

The carpet beetle is a lesser known household pest. However, these little crawlers can cause some serious damage. While adults survive on pollen, their larva feed on natural fibers and can damage carpets, furniture, and clothing. They are even known to damage biological specimens in museums! ThinkstockPhotos-480195187

How Carpet Beetles Develop
The carpet beetle’s life cycle is quite unusual for an insect. When the females reach maturity, they will begin to mate and lay their extremely resilient eggs. Once the larvae hatch it takes them 1 to 3 years to develop into adult beetles, depending on the environmental conditions.  The adult beetles live for a very short two week period, just long enough to procreate and die. Thus the beetles spend most of their life in the destructive larvae stage. Unfortunately, the eggs and larvae can be quite difficult to detect. In these stages the beetles are able to blend in with whatever fabric they choose to inhabit. Once larvae mature into adult beetles, they begin scavenging for food and can be found in various areas around your home and seen more easily.

Signs of Carpet Beetles
In some cases, you may see one or two larvae crawling around on your carpets or furniture. However, the first sign that you may have these annoying critters is moth-like holes chewed through fabrics around your house. Other signs of a carpet beetle infestation include tiny, dark-colored fecal pellets and skins that have been shed by larvae.

Benefits of a Pest Control Service
Carpet beetles are active during the fall and winter months. If you notice any of the above signs during these times, you will want to contact your local pest control company to handle the problem. Western Exterminator is a green pest control company that can eliminate carpet beetles from your home safely and effectively.

Western Exterminator’s highly trained professionals have all of the knowledge and tools necessary to get rid of carpet beetles and keep them from coming back. With that said, if you think that your home has been invaded by these damaging pests, contact Western Exterminator today.

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