Bed bug fumigation in Arizona: What you need to know

The state of Arizona is just like any other state in North America – it has a problem with bed bugs. These days, any world-famous city that gets travelers from around the globe is at risk of bed bugs. Bed bugs travel well from place to place, hopping on planes and stowing away within luggage. These fast-spreading insects can easily travel to Phoenix, Mesa or Tucson and end up in homes and businesses. Getting rid of bed bugs once you have them is tricky, too, because they are hardy insects and hard to remove.

Although there are numerous ways you can find online that claim they can remove bed bugs and keep them away, the fact is bed bug fumigation is one of the best ways to get rid of bed bugs in a home. However, you need to hire licensed professionals to do fumigation effectively and safely. Why is bed bug fumigation one of the best ways to remove them? In this article, we will answer that question and other common questions related to bed bug fumigations.

If you have found bed bugs or bed bugs signs around your Arizona home, contact your local Western Exterminator office for treatment options.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny insects in the cimcid family. They are blood-feeding creatures without wings. Bed bugs are very small and hard to see, brownish-red in color and very good at hiding, breeding and infesting properties. By congregating very near places where they can get easy access to blood meals, bed bugs can easily consume the blood of humans undetected. These parasites will feed on blood when they need to reproduce,  lay eggs, and then may not feed for a while.

Bed bugs get their name from their tendency to build their nests in mattresses, wooden bed frames and anywhere around a bedroom. This is because they prefer to feed on sleeping people because they don’t move so much and they can feast on blood at their leisure.

Despite this, bed bugs can infest an entire house and hide in carpeting, sofas, furniture and even behind pictures on the wall and inside electrical sockets.

Bed bug bites

Bed bugs bites are usually red marks that appear in a line on arms, legs, necks and torsos. You will most likely see them in the morning when you look in the mirror after a night’s sleep. They may be raised welts, or smooth. Unlike mosquito bites, they usually do not itch, but if you have any kind of allergic reaction to the bites, it is possible they will be irritating. Bed bugs are not known to be vectors of any disease.

Bed bug fumigation process

Because bed bugs can spread across an entire house, or from one piece of furniture to the next, one of the most effective ways to get rid of bed bugs around your Arizona home and property is through a fumigation process. So, what does a bed bug fumigation entail?

A bed bug fumigation process involves using a chemical that is added to a sealed room. The chemicals are in a gaseous form and they can seep into the furniture, carpeting, bed clothes, mattresses, bed frames and other structures around the room or the house.

Western Exterminator professionals will discuss with you what the preparation of your home for a bed bug fumigation entails. Normally it means removing pets, ensuring food is sealed up tight and that any plants or other living things within the home are also removed. Since the home will be filled with a chemical treatment, you and your family will also need to make arrangements to stay elsewhere during the fumigation process.

A Western Exterminator fumigation tent

Preventing bed bugs after fumigation

Western Exterminator professionals will schedule follow up visits to make sure the entire bed bug infestation is eliminated. We have various pest control solutions for detecting the pests and getting rid of their eggs and larva. Just a couple of bed bugs can re-infest a home. While it’s nearly impossible to 100% prevent another bed bug infestation from occurring, there are some steps you can take to prevent bed bugs from coming back.

Make sure, once the fumigation process is over, that you:

  • Vacuum and clean carpets.
  • Wash clothing and bedding frequently.
  • When you travel, make sure you keep your clothing in the bathroom and away from carpeting and the beds.
  • Upon arrival to your hotel room, inspect the room, too, to ensure that there are no signs of a bed bug infestation.
  • Once you return from a trip, make sure to wash your clothing right away. Make sure the clothing is washed in hot water to eliminate the bed bugs, eggs and larvae.

The benefits of  Western’s bed bug fumigation services

Why choose Western for your bed bug fumigation service in Arizona?

  • Guaranteed solution. Western Exterminator will guarantee to eradicate the infestation with the fumigation service.
  • No outsourcing. One major benefit of Western Exterminator’s bed bug fumigation process in Arizona is that we can do it all ourselves and do not outsource the process like many of our competitors.
  • We respond quickly.  When you contact Western Exterminator, we will have a bed bug control specialist out to your property quickly to confirm if there is a bed bug infestation present. Your dedicated bed bug specialist will make a recommendation on the treatment. If fumigation is deemed the best treatment solution, we will discuss the bed bug fumigation process and clearly outline what needs to be done to prepare for the fumigation.

Need help with bed bugs in Arizona? Contact your local Arizona Western Exterminator office today.

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