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The temperatures are getting cooler and the kids are back at school. Although we live in the western states, which means that the temperatures do not get as cold and we don’t have to roll away the barbecue grill, the fact is that fall is just about here. It means that people are thinking about the holidays, the end of the year, winter, travel, family, but probably not pests.

Of course, that is exactly the wrong thing to do. There are pests that love the cooler fall weather and they love to get inside your home for warmth. Although most of the pests are indoor pests, there are a few that come out to do their thing during the fall that prefer the outdoors as well. Fortunately, here at Western Exterminator, we are experts in dealing with these pests and allowing you to enjoy the weather without worrying about pests.

Indoor Pests

One family of pests that gets active during the fall months are in the rodent family. Mice and rats love to seek out a nice warm place during the cooler months. They have powerful teeth that can chew right through wood or the bottom lining of your garage door. They are looking for a nice hidden place to set up a nest and they’ll chew on papers, fabrics and other things to build it.

Another pest that likes to scamper around your kitchen, bathroom or basement is cockroach. They track dirt and nastiness with them into your home and then transfer it to everything they touch. It’s even worse than that since they like to crawl along kitchen counters and places where you have food. There are also health issues that go along with a cockroach infestation that can affect people with asthma.

Roaches, mice and rats are hard to find because they love to hide. That’s why we’re trained to track them down, remove them and then find a way to stop them from returning.

Outdoor Pests

One of the pests that has become an issue in California in recent years is the stink bug. In particular the brown marmorated stink bug. They are fairly small, shield-shaped, and they love to dine on the fruits and vegetables in your garden and the nearby orchard. They congregate in huge numbers and if you mess around with them, crush them, or do anything they find threatening they can release a foul-smelling stench that gives them their name.

During the fall wasps and hornets are still active. Even though the kids may not be playing in the backyard as often, keep your eye out for wasp and hornet nests under eaves or beneath the deck. Some species even prefer building their nests underground.

Finally, the fall is mating season for certain spiders. For example, the normally shy black widow may be a lot more active during the fall months as it looks to mate and lay eggs. Brown widows, close cousins, are also likely to be more active. Although widow spiders are reclusive, during colder months they might also seek out some place warmer and could end up inside.

Experts in Pest Removal

Western Exterminator has been around since 1921 and we have been in this location that entire time. That means we are experts in finding these pests, where they live, where they nest, and where they are getting into your home. So, don’t stress about the pests, just call us.

Fall is a beautiful time of the year. It you should be able to enjoy it around your home without worrying about infestations of pests like insects, arachnids and rodents. If you feel you have any of these pests then call us  at 800-WEST-EXT or use our online content form.


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