Can cinnamon keep ants away?

Mythbusters: Ants and cinnamon

You’ve read them before: do-it-yourself pest control solutions on social media. But do they work? Nancy Troyano, our talented doctor of entomology, wants you to know which of these solutions are true. Welcome to our new column, Mythbusters.

The Internet says:

Cinnamon can help you solve an ant problem in your home just by sprinkling it where you see ants.

Ants and cinnamon myth: Busted

Don’t stockpile cinnamon anytime soon. Despite the scientific foundation, using grocery-store purchased cinnamon isn’t going to resolve an ongoing ant problem in your home.

In an article published in the International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications in 2014, researchers proved that highly concentrated cinnamon oil may be effective in repelling ants. The study that was the basis for the article involved extracting 9 chemical compounds from cinnamon for the test. The key words here are “lab setting” and “repel.”

The cinnamon you use on your toast won’t have the same level of concentration that researchers used in their tests. While ants may avoid a location where you sprinkle cinnamon, they are relentless. They will continue to hunt out food and moisture and will more than likely find a new area of your home to invade.

Solving an ant problem involves eliminating the problem at the source – the ant nest. Your Western Specialist is an expert in ant identification and the methods needed to locate and eliminate nests for ants of all species.

If you have seen ants in your home, tell your Western Specialist where. He or she can then identify the ant and put together a plan resolve your ant problem. Your Specialist will also provide recommendations on keeping the ants out of your home in the future.

For now, I’m declaring the myth of ants and cinnamon busted. Although this often shared Internet pest control solution has roots in science, it likely won’t be effective for you.

Nancy Troyano

Nancy Troyano, Training Manager / Entomologist at Rentokil North America, is responsible for leading and supporting the development and training of Rentokil technicians throughout North America. Nancy works closely with Technical Field Trainers and Line-of-Business Managers to develop and implement a comprehensive training program for new and existing technicians. Nancy joined Rentokil after receiving her PhD from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) in 2009. Follow Nancy on Google+

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