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America’s Most Wanted Pest – Ants

The ants are marching in; into office buildings, restaurants, apartment buildings and homes, and the trail is not going cold. When singer Dave Matthews wrote the song Ants Marching one by one, he underestimated how long that trail could be!

According to a recently released National Pest Management Association Ant Industry Study, ants are the No. 1 nuisance pest in the United States. A majority – 54% – of pest control companies surveyed indicated customer calls regarding ants are on the rise.

Ants have long been part of Western Exterminator’s history, and we’ve been treating customers’ homes and offices for them since Carl Strom started the company in 1921. Trust me when I say we know ants and know how to eliminate them.

The report identified the most commonly encountered ants and several of them are frequent, albeit unwelcome visitors to the homes and business of Western Exterminator customers in Arizona, California and Nevada.

At Western Exterminator, we receive more calls about Argentine Ants than any other pest.  In fact, four of the top nine ants listed in the report are among those we receive the most calls on from customers. This includes Carpenter, pharaoh, Argentine and the ill-tempered red imported fire ant.

Ants can be found both indoors and outdoors, and can be more than just a nuisance to your backyard picnics. Ants will move into kitchen cabinets or try and take over a restaurant kitchen when they forage for food. They can damage and spoil food supplies, as well as spread bacteria and other harmful food-borne diseases.

Then there are the red imported fire ants and their nasty habit of emerging from their nests like lava from a volcano, and stinging anything in their path when they are disturbed. These stings are serious business, and cause an irritating burning sensation for people and pets unfortunate enough to cross their path.

Where are ant infestations most likely to take place? Like all pests, ants are on the prowl for food and water, and office buildings (88%) and restaurants (83%) were the top two locations identified in the study. Think of all the snack food that is left in desks or break rooms, and you understand why offices are a top destination for foraging ants (they aren’t going there to work!).

Kitchens and bathrooms were the top two areas within structures where ants were most often found, again reinforcing the fact that pests, ants included, thrive with easy access to food and water.

Why have ants suddenly become such a nuisance? The study said consumer tolerance for ants has lessened, and increased moisture and rainfall in certain regions have given these pesky little creatures what they need to survive.

If ants are public enemy No. 1 in your home or office, there is no need to worry. Western Exterminator’s highly trained Technicians have the knowledge and products to eliminate ants for good.

Send me an e-mail at [email protected]. I’ll get back to you right away with more information and to set up a no-cost inspection.

Until next time, thanks for making Western Exterminator Company “The Final Word in Pest Control®”

Have a pest free day.

Mr. Little

He’s represented Western for nearly a century. But he’s no old fogey. Follow Mr. Little’s blog for pest tips and facts!

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