5 DIY Green Pest Control Remedies

MMost every household will face a pest infestation at some point. Not every household, however, is comfortable using toxic pest control methods to get rid of these infestations.

Families with children, pets or a concern for the environment are increasingly turning to do-it-yourself green pest control methods, and for good reason. They are inexpensive, easy to make, often effective, and eco-friendly. Here are our five favorite eco-friendly DIY pest control methods:

1. Cucumber Peels

Ants are quite turned off by cucumber peels, and sprinkling them around areas of your home that serve as entrance points for ant colonies is a great preventive pest control method. Make sure to only use this method outdoors, though – you don’t want rotting cucumber peels stinking up your home.

2. Mint Barriers

Plants such as peppermint and spearmint are natural insect deterrents, especially for ants and aphids. Plant a few varieties around your home, and you should see a noticeable drop in ant populations. Plus, having fresh mint plants around gives your yard an attractive smell.

3. All-Natural Sprays

There are a number of great eco-friendly pest control sprays you can make at home. Mixing water with isopropyl alcohol, concentrated garlic oil, salt or boiled elder leaves makes deterrents that you can spray on indoor and outdoor plants to help control infestations.

4. Dried Grits

This green pest control method is slightly sadistic, but nonetheless effective. After a dry spell (no rain, no fog, no dew) leave some dry grits around ant entrance points. The drones will take the grits back to the queen, she will eat them, and the next time she drinks water the grits will expand and she will explode. Gruesome, yes, but at least you don’t have to watch.

5. Baking Soda and Powdered Sugar

If roaches are your problem, try this old trick. Mix baking soda and powdered sugar, and sprinkle it around problem areas. The sugar attracts the pests and the baking soda kills them. It’s simple, quick and effective.

Of course, some infestations require more muscle than these DIY green pest control methods can offer. If you’ve tried different techniques and are still seeing pests, contact an eco-friendly pest management company, like Western Exterminator, for help.

Ashley Smith

Ashley is a Digital Content Manager with Rentokil. She loves drinking coffee and spending time with her dogs.

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