3 Common Pest Birds

BirdControlPigeonsMost people don’t think of birds as pests. They like birds. Birds are a sign of spring, they conjure images of happy summer and spring days. You might also think about brightly colored feathers and the pleasant songs you hear in the early mornings telling you that another day has arrived.

All of that is well and good if you are talking about a few birds, but the fact is that some birds have destructive tendencies, they congregate in huge numbers and can quickly go from something pleasant to the opposite. Birds can become pests and you need to take care of them for aesthetic and health reasons.

That’s where our experts at Western Exterminator come in, because we’ve been providing bird control and bird removal services for years. Here are three birds that can quickly become a nuisance unless you get proper bird deterrent and bird control methods in place.



You see pigeons if you live near any major metropolitan area. If you do work or live downtown, amid the tall buildings, you have probably seen the large army of pigeons that gather anywhere people also like to congregate. Pigeons are scavengers and if there’s a place where people might drop food, you are likely to find a lot of them. Just look at the mess they leave behind.

Bird droppings not only make property look unattractive, they can be dangerous. They make the pavement slick, which can cause people to fall and hurt themselves. Also, bird droppings are a leading cause of asthma attacks among urban residents. That’s because the droppings eventually dry out and then turn to dust, which is inhaled and can cause breathing problems.

Finally, pigeons are often the hosts of parasites like ticks, which can jump hosts and cause problems for humans. In short, if you own a building in an urban area and are experiencing huge numbers of pigeons, you want them gone.



It’s a good chance you see seagulls all the time. They are common around areas near water, although they do not need water to thrive. Wherever they are, they share traits similar to pigeons. First, they are scavengers and will eat anything that humans leave behind. Second, they congregate in large numbers that can be downright dangerous. Third, they leave a mess.

Gulls form huge flocks, particularly around areas where humans toss away their leftovers. If you have been to a pier or any area near the ocean, you’ve likely heard gulls and seen them wheeling and diving in the sky. They come right down into close contact with people to get at food and other things people leave behind. They, in turn, leave behind droppings which can cause the same issues as with pigeon droppings.

The other thing that seagulls have that some pest birds do not is a generally bad attitude. They have been known to be a little territorial and have occasionally taken a peck out of a person when trying to get at something that they want.



Starlings are much smaller than the birds listed above, but they can be just as destructive. They were deliberately introduced to North America years ago, from Europe. Starlings are small black birds and some species have feathers that are shiny and bluish.

In all likelihood you have seen starlings and the huge flocks that they form. If you have seen large black clouds of birds swooping and diving and undulating in amazing shapes and patterns, particularly during the fall months, then you are most likely looking at starlings.

Therein lies the problem: the huge numbers. Starlings congregate in huge numbers and they tend to do that around homes. They also build nests in trees near homes or even among eaves and the rooftops of homes. They also come back again and again to the same spot, in huge numbers.

Starlings not only leave droppings around, but they can do actual damage to property with their nest-building tendencies. That includes damage to eaves, siding and other areas where the little birds can create their nests. Plus, they bring their friends which can cause noise problems or increase the damage left behind.

Experts in Bird Control

The solution for these bird pests is to remove them from the area and your property and then install solutions that will prevent them from returning. Western Exterminator experts know how to get rid of birds and then find the solution that works, from bird spikes, bird netting to other things, we can help.

Don’t live with bird damage and the messes they leave on property or cars. Call Western Exterminator today.


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