20 Movies that Will Make You Call An Exterminator (part three)

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Here we are again, another month and another five movies on my “20 Movies that Will Make You Want to Call an Exterminator”. These are my own personal favorites and I thank all of you for sending in suggestions. We have quite a bit more to do, and this month.

We continue with the horror and adventure tales, but this time I had to combine a few movies into one entry, so to be very technical there are more than 20 movies. But that’s okay, because the more the merrier, right?  In this case the movies are part of the same storyline and would be impossible to separate, and it is my list, so I think it’s okay for me to do.

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OK, one last time, be sure to check out parts one and two below and if you just can’t wait, you can also check out part four.

Part One: Films #20-#15

Part TwoFilms #14-#10

With that stunning revelation over, let’s move on to movies 9 – 5!

9. Bug (1977 – not to be confused with the 2006 Bug)

Man, if you love man-versus-nature movies then the 1970s was really your decade. If you are a fan of cheesy films, then the 1970s was REALLY the decade for you. This one is unintentionally laughable, but also sort of scary.

Here’s the scenario. An earthquake opens a huge crack in the earth and from that crack a bunch of cockroach-like bugs emerge. They have trouble living in the lower air pressure of the surface world, but before that does them in they wreak havoc on a small town (don’t they always?).

Not only are these super-bugs carnivorous, but when they rub their front legs together they can start fires! The bugs look a lot like heavily made-up Madagascar hissing cockroaches and the acting (not just by the bugs) is horrific in its own right. Plus, look for the scene set on the same kitchen set used in The Brady Bunch TV show.

This is one to watch with friends while sharing lots of popcorn and making smart-alec comments.

8. Willard (1971) / Ben (1972)

Rats, rats, more rats…and Ernest Borgnine! Willard came out in 1971 and is about a very shy, meek, man who is constantly taken advantage of and abused by people around him. His only friends are the rats that have taken up residence in his home. His favorite is a smart white rat he named Socrates, but the muscle of the group is the large black rat known as Ben. Willard discovers that the rats will listen to him, doing anything he commands, so he sets about using them to get revenge against those who have wronged him. Before too long things get out of hand, but Ben is able to escape.

Just a year later, Ben returned in his own movie, this time befriending a sad and lonely boy named Danny, protecting him from bullies and keeping him company through the trauma of living with a heart condition (I kid you not. I did not make this up.)  Before long, despite being a benevolent leader, Ben’s rats turn violent and begin attacking. The conclusion includes the police and a fire, Ben and Danny reunited, and Michael Jackson singing a love song about Ben the rat that becomes a huge hit on the radio.

I’m telling you, the 70s were a weird time.

Finally, as a reminder, rats and rodents can be a serious problem in the real world, too. Contact us today if you have found rats or mice around your home and schedule a free property inspection today!

7. Arachnophobia (1990)

You just knew this one had to be on here, didn’t you? There are fewer films that will truly make you feel like there are spiders crawling all over you more effectively than this one. It is a mixture of comedy and horror as a new species of spider is discovered in the jungles of Venezuela.

The male spider watches over his brood as many are killed and taken back to be studied, so the big spider hitches a ride back to the states, ends up in a barn, mates with a common spider and produces hundreds of deadly, highly poisonous spiders that soon spread out across the town and wreak havoc.

It’s actually quite a decent film, receiving positive reviews from critics.  The real knock on this film is that the exterminator character played by John Goodman is portrayed as a buffoon rather than a qualified expert. Hollywood doesn’t always get things right.

6. The Indiana Jones Movies (1981 – 2008)

I have to admit that this one is another group of films, but the fact is that each of these great adventure movies created by the super-team of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, features the indomitable Indiana Jones and a super terrific scene that only Lucas and Spielberg could devise involving a variety of pests in significantly huge numbers.

In Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) we get more snakes than you would ever want to run into. In Temple of Doom (1984) our heroes end up covered in giant insects of all kinds, just thousands of them. In Last Crusade (1989) we get hundreds and hundreds of rats and in Crystal Skull (2008) we get flesh-eating ants by the thousands.

In the first three the animals were real. Yup, Indy with real snakes as well as roaches and rats.  But in the fourth one we get CGI ants, which probably stands to reason since wrangling biting ants might have been tough on the set.

While in each of these films our hero is looking for a mystical, supernatural object of great power, some of the most memorable scenes involve the creepy-crawlies of all sorts, and seeing Indy, who can do anything, but is actually also frightened by especially the snakes. If you haven’t seen these films, they are a must.

5. Creepshow (1982)

From the minds of ultra horror author Stephen King and black-comedy horror movie-maker George A. Romero comes this anthology movie inspired by the horror comics of the 50s. The movie features four vignettes linked together by animated sequences. There are at least two stories that involve someone coming back from the dead to seek revenge. Another features a box containing a blood-thirsty creature that looks a lot like a monkey with fangs.

It’s the fourth one that truly ramps up the creepy and that left many with chills. The final story is called “They Creep Up On You” and features a very wealthy man who is germ-phobic. On this night he discovers that his evil deeds are going to be repaid thanks to many, many thousands of cockroaches. Ebenezer Scrooge and the three ghosts are child’s play to these roaches.

They start off here and there, and before long there are so many that they fill an entire room. When he hides in his panic room, it turns out the roaches are already there.  The ending will really leave your skin crawling.

That’s it for this month! I hope that I have added to your movie-watching activities for this weekend and I hope you tune in again next month for the final four! As always, leave your own suggestions in the comments if you have a favorite!

If you want to see the other movies on our list, be sure to go back for parts one and two and you can jump ahead to see part four and find out how it all turns out.

Also, if you need professional pest control then you know who to call!


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