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Pigeon Deterrents

Pigeons are ubiquitous across urban areas. If there are people and buildings, there seem to be pigeons in abundance. That brings with it a whole host of potential problems, from the fact that your building may not look very nice, to health concerns.

There are a number of reasons that pigeons are considered pests, and if you own a business the last thing you want are pigeons hanging out around the patio, bothering customers or clients, or making their messes.

Western Exterminator technicians are specialists in pigeon deterrent methods and bird control. We can remove the pigeons that are currently there and help you find ways to make sure that they do not come back.

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Signs of a Pigeon Problem

How do you know if you have just a few pigeons or if you have a serious problem? Well, there are signs that the pigeons around your property may be causing problems. They include:

  • Large numbers of birds - just take a look around your property and see how many pigeons there are. Once one decides to set up shop, others are likely to follow. Are there a lot of birds on the ground? Are there more roosting above? Are people having trouble just walking through the area because of the number of birds?

  • Nesting material - pigeons use sticks, twigs, branches, leaves and even garbage to make up their nests. Is there an increased number of this material lying around? Pigeons are not famous for their neatness, so if there is an increase of debris, it could be from too many pigeons trying to nest.

  • Droppings - pigeons are rather notorious for the deposits that they leave behind. Are there so many that it makes it hard to walk? If so, time to call in the pros.

Pigeon Disease and Damage

Pigeons are a nuisance, but there are legitimate concerns beyond that. They can bring about a host of diseases and other health issues, such as:

  • Asthma - bird dropping can dry up and become dust. Once inhaled, this can trigger asthma attacks.

  • Salmonella - also known as food poisoning, but droppings can lead to contamination of food.

  • Listeriosis, histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis - all fungal diseases that can come from growing on pigeon droppings.

  • Diseases from parasites - pigeons often carry ticks and fleas which can lead to things like Lyme disease and other illnesses associated with those pests.

Deterrent Methods

A Western Exterminator professional can study your business or residential property and determine if you have a pigeon problem. We can then remove the problems that you have currently and set-up systems that will prevent pigeons from returning. Systems include:
  • Bird spikes - these spikes are set close together and placed in likely nesting areas, giving pigeons no place to build nests. They will move on to somewhere else.

  • Bird netting - nets placed over areas around your property will also deter pigeons from creating nests.

  • Bird wire systems - somewhat similar to the bird netting, but made of stronger wire. Set in key locations this will cause the pigeons to move out of the area.

Western Exterminator experts will also offer advice on how to make your property less attractive to pigeons in the first place. This could involve cleaning up potential nesting materials and blocking off areas where pigeons might want to hide and set up their nests.

No More Pigeons

At Western Exterminator, we pride ourselves in being the experts in bird control service. We use the latest methods to remove birds that are already a problem, including pigeons, and then preventing them from returning. We use an integrated pest management solution that looks to prevent infestations of many pests, including birds.

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