How To Prevent Bed Bugs

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Bed bug heat treatments

Western Exterminator’s NEW entotherm bed bug heat treatment eliminates all types of insects, and bed bugs through the application of heat.

This chemical-free heat remedy reaches all areas of insect infested materials. It only requires a single treatment to solve an bed bug problem quickly with minimum disruption.

Chemical-free bed bug heat treatment

This unique heat treatment is a chemical-free solution for use on all your intimate contact points, such as mattresses, pillows, clothing and furniture. Allowing treated items to be re-used directly afterwards, with no chemical residual side effects.

Bed bug heat treatment effectiveness

This heat treatment kills all stages of an insect's lifecycle, from egg to adult, in a single treatment. The heat remedy reaches all areas of insect infested materials, where traditional chemicals would not penetrate.

Minimal disruption

The heat treatment has been designed to be quick to set up within a customer's premises.

  • Easy and convenient treatment of insect infested items on site.
  • Allows quicker treatment.
  • Eliminates the risk of items being damaged if taken off site.

Thorough inspection of rooms

By removing transportable items such as mattresses, bedding, curtains and furniture from the room for heat treatment, a more thorough inspection of the room can be undertaken.

Instances of bed bugs and crawling insects can be identified in the room fixtures and treated as required far more easily.

Fully controlled heat treatment

The heat treatment solution is under the complete control of a Western Exterminator specialist throughout the entire process. This ensures 100% effective treatment on every occasion.

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Bed bug heat treatment cost

The cost of our heat treatment solutions directly correlates with the severity of the bed bug infestation. If the infestation is very extreme, multiple follow up heat treatments may be needed.

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