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How Do Bed Bug Dogs Work?

One of the most recent methods of identifying bed bug infestations is the use of bed bug dogs. Canine bed bug detection uses the amazing noses of dogs to track down the location of bed bugs. Dogs’ noses are so acute they can actually discern between eggs, larvae and adult bed bugs. This is vital in helping bed bug control specialists like those working with Western Exterminator, to find where they are hiding and eliminate them.

Western Exterminator is always looking for the latest and newest ways to find and eliminate bed bugs. So, if you have a bed bug problem, contact your local Western Exterminator specialist today.

How Bed Bug Dogs Find Bed Bugs?

Bed bug dogs go through extensive training to learn how to detect bed bugs. Bed bugs give off a scent that, given a large enough infestation, even humans can detect. The great thing about dogs, however, is that they have noses that are so sensitive they can detect bed bugs at all life stages with much fewer insects present.

It takes extensive training for dogs to do this, just like it does for dogs used in airports to detect drugs or explosives.

How Do Dog's Noses Work?

A dog's nose does not work the same way a human's does. Their noses are lined with millions upon millions of tiny nerve endings that act like sensors on a computer. They can detect smells so faint that humans cannot detect them at all. In fact, their sense of smell is so acute that dogs can essentially "see" through smells.

Dogs can actually work both nostrils independently of each other. That way they can smell multiple scents in different areas of a room. It is this tool that Western Exterminator brings into the fight against bed bugs.

Finding Bed Bug Hiding Places

Bed bugs thrive by hiding. They are so small and thin that they can even hide in the creases of a mattress or within bed sheets. The small insects will hide in cracks in bed frames and furniture, behind photos hung on walls and even within electrical sockets. Just two of bed bugs are enough to start breeding and create a full fledged infestation.

Western Exterminator uses bed bug dogs as one tool, among many, to properly identify the presence of bed bugs. Once an infestation is confirmed, Western can provide treatments that will remove them during all life stages and prevent them from coming back.

Western Exterminator Bed Bug Control Specialists

Western Exterminator has been eliminating pests of all kinds from homes and businesses for decades. We are locally operated and nearby your home or business, ready to help. If you have a bed bug problem, then now is the time to deal with it. Contact your local Western Exterminator specialist today and set up an appointment for a property inspection that could include the use of bed bug dogs, to take care of your bed bug problem.