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Bugs have no place inside your Tucson property. But with all the bugs in Arizona, you may encounter pests such as crawling and stinging insects at your home or business. Here you can get more details on cockroaches, bees and wasps - three pests you may see.

Although pests are never desirable, Western Exterminator is equipped to get rid of them. If you’re feeling threatened by stinging insects or have spotted cockroaches, contact us to schedule a professional bug exterminator to remove the problem.

Tucson cockroaches: what you need to know

Cockroaches can produce frustration for everyone from business owners to tenants to homeowners. The Copper State contains cockroach species such as German cockroaches and American cockroaches. Cockroaches often feed in unclean places and you do not want them in your Tucson property.

Find out more information about some cockroaches to watch out for in Tucson:

  • German cockroaches: Adults of this species are about ½ to ⅝ inches in length and light brown to tan in color, with two dark stripes. Female German cockroaches prefer humidity where the average temperature is roughly 80°F.
  • American cockroaches: Adults are about 1 ⅜ inches to 2 ⅛ inches in length and reddish brown.
  • Turkestan cockroaches: Males are ½ to ⅞ inches in length; females are about ¾ to 1 inch long. Males have mostly brownish yellow wings; females are colored dark brown to black and have short wings.

As a Tucson resident, you should look out for cockroach eggs, which are a signal that cockroaches could be present. German cockroaches can actually yield as many as six generations in a year, which is scary if you’ve got them in your property. Their case of eggs is yellowish brown.

Western Exterminator can remove cockroaches if you suspect they have infested your Tucson property. Get in touch with us today for an inspection to get started with the process.

Bees in Tucson

Although bees are important to the environment because they pollinate plants, they can also sting you - which can harm people who are allergic to stings. A beehive at your Tucson home or business can be frightening and problematic for people nearby.

Honey bees are plentiful in Arizona and their activity takes place all year. Feral honey bees are an important stinging pest here. Most feral honey bees in Arizona are hybrids of European honey bees and Africanized honey bees (also called “killer” bees). Feral honey bees may be more dangerous than the European honey bees in the states up north.

Honey bees occupy nests in places such as wall voids, deserted cars and trees. Is a swarm of bees coming after you? You should run and take refuge in a building or car.

You may also notice carpenter bees. Female carpenter bees in Arizona are black and big, whereas males are light orange. Carpenter bee infestation activity in structures here is lower than in the east and north of the U.S.

As much as you may want to get rid of pest bees, attempting to eliminate them through your own methods could end up hurting you. Instead, contact a bee expert who knows how to remove bees. Western Exterminator specialists have the expertise to manage bees and we are the ideal provider of bee control services for your Tucson property.

Tucson wasps

Wasps can certainly be helpful in nature as predators of other insects, but they can also sting if you get close to, or bother, wasp nests. As you may have come to realize, wasp stings hurt. Arizona contains many types of paper wasps, such as the wasp Polistes flavus, which is mostly yellow.

Paper wasps are considered social wasps. They are ¾ to 1 ¼ inches in length. Paper wasp nests are typically not too large and can frequently be found in sheltered places such as under eaves. Paper wasps typically start constructing their nests from March to May in Arizona.

Wasp nests can create issues if they are located where people are found. Male wasps are not able to sting, but females can. If someone experiences an allergic reaction to wasp stings, this can mean trouble. Seek medical attention if you are dealing with serious symptoms from a wasp or bee sting.  

As with bees, don’t use your own efforts to do away with wasps at a Tucson home or business - get in touch with a pest professional who has the training necessary to handle wasp problems. Western Exterminator is the right pick. We know how to get rid of wasps and can give you advice on how to keep wasp infestations from coming back. Reach out to us today to get rid of wasps, bees and other pests!



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