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Arizona scorpion control

Arizona is home to over 50 species of scorpions. The main concern with these pests is usually their sting. While all scorpions’ stingers contain venom, most of them do not pose significant medical threats. However, there are four common types that cause the most trouble. And due to allergies or species with fatal venom, there are still several health risks involved. At Western Exterminator, we’re armed with the tools and expertise to protect you from these stinging creatures.

If you spot one, it’s time for treatment

Scorpions mostly prefer to stick to themselves in the desert. But, with human development, scorpion populations increase due to increased shelter and food. While it’s possible to see scorpions in your home, it’s not likely if it’s been properly sealed. But if you see one, it means more can get in.

The biggest factor for scorpion control is prevention. Because once they’re in, scorpions are experts at hiding. In fact, they can squeeze into a hole the width of your credit card. There are several things you can do to repel scorpions, and most include sealing up holes to the outside.

Where are scorpions?

When it’s daytime, scorpions may hide in a burrow or beneath a log or a rock. As they hunt at night, they may gain entry to buildings via vents and cracks in walls on the outside surface. Scorpions can be located in the attic and in crawl spaces - actually, they like attics that have air conditioning ducts, as this offers more shelter. It’s possible you may notice scorpions in bathtubs and sinks when it’s morning. Scorpions may also be found in shoes.

How to treat a scorpion sting

Unless you’re allergic to scorpion venom or stung by the bark scorpion, it’s likely that a sting will not cause serious damage. But, if you have had experiences with stings or are known to have seriously allergies, contact a medical professional as soon as possible.

Even though most scorpion stings aren’t fatal, they can be very painful, usually causing numbness, burning, and sometimes swelling. Those affected should wash the wound and apply cool compresses. You should not suck at the site of the sting.

Our proven scorpion control solution

Our system of getting rid of scorpions starts with a careful inspection to find out where they are hiding. Since they tend to lie still and blend into their surroundings, it takes training and experience to locate them. One of the best tactics for long-term scorpion control is a home seal and our renowned Pestfree365 service to prevent scorpions from entering. This approach is most effective when combined with a treatment strategy on the outside to help eliminate the scorpions at the source.

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