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Scottsdale bug exterminators

Do you sometimes have a sneaking suspicion that termites are eating away at your structure or spiders are lurking in the shadows of your home? As a Scottsdale dweller, it’s critical to know about some Arizona bugs you may face. Get more information on these pests here.

Whether you’re dealing with termites, bed bugs, spiders or other creatures, Western Exterminator has your pest control needs covered. We can be trusted to control bugs that do not belong at your home or business.

Bed bugs in Scottsdale

Bed bugs are certainly notorious and you would do well to avoid them at your commercial property - such as a hotel - or your home. Western Exterminator knows how get rid of bed bugs and you can rely on us for effective treatment.

You may have heard horror stories of people finding bed bugs, but do you know very much about these pests? Bed bugs feed on human and animal blood. They are small (which is not the best for people who want to spot them) and colored reddish brown once they have fed. Bed bug eggs are pearl white and minute in size.

You may fear bed bug bites. These bites may appear anywhere on your body, such as your legs or neck. Small red marks may appear, and allergic reactions are also possible.

Even welcoming used furniture into your Scottsdale property can bring bed bugs inside. They can also access properties through items like luggage. That fun hotel stay you planned could end up giving you bed bugs.

You can take steps to prevent bed bug infestations. At hotels, keep your luggage off the floor or bed, and be sure to check out furniture before you take it inside. If your fears do come true and you are facing bed bug problems in Scottsdale, reach out to a pest professional. Western Exterminator bed bug specialists are prepared to deal with these pests and can help with your bed bug removal needs. Get in touch with us right away if you think you’ve got bed bugs.

Getting rid of AZ termites

You might have personal experience with the destruction that termites can bring to homes and businesses. Putting up an effective defense against termites at your Scottsdale property involves becoming more informed about these pests.

One type of termite that’s common in the Copper State is the desert subterranean termite (Heterotermes aureus). The desert subterranean termite thrives in the Arizona climate. It will attack wood such as utility poles and desert trees. Swarming takes place during night.

In order to prevent severe issues with desert subterranean termites, you should be aware of a red flag of a desert subterranean termite infestation. If you see drop tubes from ceiling rafters and plasterboard, this could signify a problem. Desert subterranean termites can create mud tubes (colored yellowish-white to tan) to access wood. Spotting termite tubes are your property? Don’t hesitate to take action.

It is critical to have a termite inspection completed at your Scottsdale property if you want to avoid the negative effects of an infestation. Reaching out to Western Exterminator about a termite inspection is the best idea. Our pest specialists can answer all your questions about these wood-destroying organisms, termite treatment costs and resolve your termite problems.

Scottsdale spiders: what you need to know

Despite spiders’ helpful activity of preying on insects, some humans find them very scary, and some species are harmful to people. Arizona contains different spiders such as wolf spiders and orb weaver spiders.

Species of wolf spiders are common in Arizona, and even though the name sounds menacing, do not get too anxious about the prospect of health problems due to their bite. The Copper State also contains orb weaver spiders, which have abdomens that are generally relatively large. The Western black widow spider (Latrodectus hesperus) can be present near structures and it is not likely to be aggressive. Still, a black widow spider bite can produce a lot of pain.

Here’s one of the most important facts to keep in mind: If a spider has bitten you and severe symptoms crop up, get medical attention. You may be pleased to learn that the brown recluse spider does not call Scottsdale or the state of Arizona home.

Seeing spiders around your Scottsdale property? Turn to Western Exterminator. Our experts can do away with spiders. We also have expertise in handling problems with other creatures such as cockroaches and wasps, so reach out to us for pest management that’s done right.



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