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Common Arizona spiders

There are many different species of spiders in Arizona, some of which can deliver a painful bite and even cause adverse reactions. The climate and environment in Arizona is generally favorable to spiders year-round, so spiders can often be found in yards and homes. Understanding the defining characteristics of common Arizona spiders may help residents to understand the best way to deal with spiders and spider bites.

Residents and property owners should contact their local Western Exterminator to deal with a spider infestation. There may be other underlying pest control needs to prevent spiders. Western Exterminator can help!

Grass spiders

Grass spiders are generally light and dark brown with very thin legs and a narrow abdomen and torso. These spiders make large sheet webs with a funnel for retreat. Grass spiders usually build webs close to the ground in grass or shrubs and are rarely found indoors. Grass spiders are not aggressive, but may bite when cornered. The bite is of low risk to humans, however.

Carolina wolf spider

The Carolina wolf spider can grow up to about two inches in size, making it the largest wolf spider found in North America. Wolf spiders do not spin webs, but actively hunt prey. Although not aggressive, wolf spiders will bite freely if provoked and bites may cause pain and swelling. Wolf spiders are identifiable by the mottled grey to brown colors and the distinctive patterning on the back.

Arizona blond tarantula

The most well-known Arizona spider is the tarantula. These spiders can be up to five inches in size, with distinctive hairy legs. Tarantulas are not aggressive, but will deliver a painful bite that is similar to a wasp sting if threatened. Tarantulas also have urticating hairs on the body that can be thrown at perceived threats. Tarantula venom and the urticating hairs may cause allergic reactions and irritation to humans.

Brown recluse

Brown recluse spiders are aggressive and can cause significant damage to humans. Brown recluse spiders are about ¼ to ¾ inches in size and have a distinctive dark brown violin shape on the upper back. These spiders often hide in rock and wood piles, so home residents should be particularly careful when doing yard work.

Common house spider

House spiders are so named because they often infest homes. These spiders are very similar in coloration and size to brown recluse spiders, so they are often mistaken for the more dangerous arachnid. House spiders can be further identified by the papery brown egg sacs in the webs. These spiders are not aggressive, but will bite humans when threatened. The bite is not dangerous, however, and will heal relatively quickly.

Black Widow spider

Black widows are about ½ inch to ¾ inch in size, with shiny black bodies. Black widows prefer hiding spots under stones and debris and may hide under clutter in garages and other areas of low traffic. Female Black Widows are identifiable by the red hourglass shape on the abdomen and can cause serious illness and even death to humans. There is an effective anti-venom available, so victims should seek medical assistance if bitten.

Western Exterminator can get rid of spiders

Spiders can be beneficial, but too many of them can be a problem. If you are seeing too many of the above common Arizona spiders, or you think there is a risk of anyone in your family suffering from a spider bite, contact Western Exterminator today.

Western Exterminator can find out why spiders are choosing your home to build their webs and why they are hanging out there. We will get rid of spiders already there and prevent spiders from returning.

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