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Ant infestations

As one of the most commonly encountered pests in the U.S., Western Exterminator helps customers year round solve ant-related problems. Ant infestations can be problematic for both homeowners and businesses as they can poise the below risks to people, including:

  • Infest and contaminate food and food-serving areas
  • Spread bacteria and disease-causing organisms
  • Contaminate sterile areas like hospitals and food processing facilities
  • Damage reputations of businesses and brands

Why are there ants in my house?

No one wants to discover an ant infestation in their home. There are a number of reasons that ants are in your house:

  • lack of good cleaning
  • cracked foundation
  • vegetation growing too close to your home
  • excess moisture
  • and more

Our ant control specialists know that these pests can enter your home for multiple reasons and will take time to explore all possible causes of the infestation. Your specialist will get to the root of the problem and help you take the necessary steps to get rid of the ants.

Ant infestations: what to look for

Live ants

If you’re seeing large numbers of live ants then you may well have a problem. If you find them in your kitchen or in areas where you prepare food, then you need to do something about it fast.

Ant pathways

In and out of your home or premises are another sign. Some types of ant will lay down a pheromone trail to a food source. This chemical attracts other ants to find the food.

Ant nest

A nest site can look like a small pile of soil or dirt. Some species of ant like to make their home in walls or other quiet, dark places, which are more difficult to spot.


It is quite common to find small heaps of earth or dirt usually found around nest sites when ants infest a property. 

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Ant infestation treatment options

DIY Products, like ant gel traps may help you reduce ant infestations in some instances, if you're serious about getting rid of ants you should get in touch with our experts.

Our pest control specialists know how to treat ant infestations. They understand the habits of different types of ant species and can offer the most appropriate and effective solution. Western Exterminator provides customers with a wide array of solutions, including both chemical and non-chemical treatments. 

How to get rid of ant infestations

Western Exterminator specialists will find out how ants are getting into your home or business and offer treatment options to get rid of the ant infestation. One of the most effective ways to stop ant infestations is to use baits. The baits attract ants who think the bait is food. The ants carry it back to their colony where it is shared. More ants come, following the trails laid by scout ants and soon the entire ant colony is eliminated.

Western Exterminator has the right baits for your home and can offer solutions to get rid of an existing ant infestation. We also offer advice and suggestions to help you prevent return infestations.

Black ant infestation

Black is a common color for ants. There are multiple species that are black in color, so finding black ants on your property could mean an infesation of any one of these species. For example, there are certain species of carpenter ant that are black. You could also be facing an infestation of little black ants, Monomorium minimum, pests that are only about 1/16 of an inch in length.

Western Exterminator is equipped to get rid of any black ant infestation you encounter. Our specialists will identify the black ant species that is plaguing you and then determine the most effective treatment to eliminate the pests from your property.

Ant facts

  • Ants are strong. A single ant has been found to lift 20 times its own body weight.
  • Ant queens can live much longer than worker ants and can produce millions of new ants. Colonies usually collapse when a queen ant dies. 
  • While there are hundreds of ant species in the U.S., only about 25 species are commonly found infesting homes.

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