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Carpenter Ant Control

With over 50 different types of ant species all across the country, carpenter ants are one of the most common ant species in the United States. While carpenter ants do not sting, they can be a real pain to deal with. Carpenter ants live in colonies, which means that they are social insects, and congregate in large groups. If you see a lot of carpenter ants in your property, chances are that the ants belong to a colony somewhere close to your home or business. While, it is tempting to take any DIY treatment or over the counter spray to get rid of these ants, it's important to know about these pesky insects before you take any action.

What Do Carpenter Ants Look Like?

Carpenter ants or Campontonus spp, are typically black in color and have one node, which looks like a cinched waist. This insect also has a round thorax, which is in the middle of the ant's body. Worker ants are about ⅛ - ½ inch in length while the queens are ½-⅝ inches. Carpenter ants do not have stingers and worker carpenter ants will typically emit a formic acid odor when they feel threatened by other species.

Carpenter Ants in Oregon and Washington

Because of the amount of precipitation that the Pacific Northwest experiences all year round, moisture is very common problem for properties in Oregon and Washington. Ants love moisture and will more than likely enter a home that has water damage around the foundation. Therefore, carpenter ants can present a very big problem for property owners in this region. If you think you have carpenter ants in your home or business, please contact Western Exterminator today for an inspection.

Carpenter Ant Damage

Areas with wood around the home or property, like doors or window sills, can be damaged by carpenter ants; Wooden areas that have been infested by carpenter ants will usually have sawdust shavings, parts of insulation and even insect body parts. Ew! If the nests or galleries are active, they will be clear of any debris and the walls will be sandpaper smooth. This particular wood destroying ant will start their galleries in the softer spring wood and make their way into the harder wood during the  summertime.

Signs of Carpenter Ants?

Unlike termites that eat wood, carpenter ants will tunnel their way into the wood and will leave droppings or sawdust behind. If there is new carpenter activity on your property, you will see fresh, light colored debris around the entry points, normally around places where there is a lot of moisture, like garages, kitchens, or bathroom doors or windows. 

Carpenter ants are nocturnal creatures and will usually not be seen in the daytime, but if you are trying to spot a trail, check for tree limbs and electric wires as ants use these structures to travel when establishing a colony.

If you are seeing these signs of carpenter ant activity, please contact Western Exterminator today to get an inspection.