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Crawl space restoration

Why worry about your home’s crawl space? 

Western Exterminator’s crawlspace service will protect your home from all types of pest infestations, mold and unpleasant odors.

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What is a crawl space?

Out of all of the areas in your home, the one that most homeowners seldom see and might not even know exists, is the crawlspace. Although this area is hardly looked at, it certainly should not be ignored. 

Many crucial elements that can affect the health and safety of your home are housed in the crawlspace, including: your home’s foundation, plumbing, moisture barrier, subfloor insulation, and air ducts. 

Not only are these elements key in the functionality of your home, but the condition of the elements themselves can greatly affect the overall health or your home and those that occupy it.

    • Vector diseases

    • Aspergillus

    • Pseudomonas

    • Bacteria

    • Fungus

    • And many other disease-carrying organisms

Common problems in a crawl space

Since crawlspaces are so rarely frequented, it can allow animals (particularly rodents) to infest and breed uncontrollably without the homeowner even knowing. Rodents and other wildlife, which take up residence under your home, can cause thousands of dollars in damage and contamination. 

Beyond causing damage to your home and wallet, the center for disease control reports that as many as 35 different diseases are transmitted directly and indirectly from rodents. Independent studies suggest that 40% of the air you breathe comes from the air underneath your home—this is even higher in the winter when less air is able to come in through windows and doors and homeowners rely more heavily on heating their home from within. 

Breathing in filthy contaminated air from your crawlspace day after day can create serious health risks. For these reasons and more, it is critically important to have a trained professional check your crawlspace at least once a year to insure your home is healthy and your family is safe.

Why call Western Exterminator?

At Western Exterminator our healthy homes services team will begin with a thorough inspection of your crawl space, complete with detailed photos of our findings, completely free of charge. Many companies charge for this service, but we offer this to you at no cost to inform you of any potentially harmful conditions that might be present underneath of your home. 

No matter what issues or conditions are present under your home, rest assured that your trained Western Exterminator specialists can identify and address them head on. At Western, we take your home and health seriously, and our crawlspace restoration and repair services have been designed with you in mind. The typical restoration project includes the following steps: 

  • Preparing the home to stay clean during the restoration 
  • Removing contaminated subfloor insulation 
  • Removing the contaminated vapor barrier 
  • Vacuuming and removing any rodent feces 
  • Disposing of any hazardous material 
  • Decontaminating the entire crawlspace 
  • Sealing entry points and insuring duct work is intact 
  • Installing a fresh, 6 mil vapor barrier 
  • Installing new subfloor insulation 
  • Sanitize and seal all open or damaged air ducts
  • Ensuring the home is clean before leaving

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Every home that we encounter is different, but our commitment to keeping you and your family safe is always our #1 priority. Our team has the tools and expertise to make your home healthy and happy again. Call Western Exterminator at 800-937-8398 or contact us online for more information on our pest control services.

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