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Air curtain systems

Air is more than something you breathe. It can be very useful when it comes to pest management and is one of the most economical and environmentally friendly methods of stopping flying insects from entering your warehouse or building. You can leave that loading dock door open to unload pallets and product and not have to worry about flies, wasps, mosquitoes and other pests getting inside.

Western Exterminator has the solutions for effective pest control service, including air curtains. We can help you find the solutions that will not only remove pests that are there, but stop them from coming in. We can help you find air curtains for doors leading into and out of your business to stop flying insects from getting in.

How air curtains work

If you have a business with doors that hang open like at a warehouse, or a business that has an inner and outer door like an automatic door to a retail outlet, you could benefit from air curtains.

The air blowers are affixed above the doors and suck in air from out in front of it to blow downward hard, at a high velocity, to create a wall of air that goes from the top of the door to the ground. This creates a wall of air that most flying insects cannot fly through, but people and products can with nothing block their view outside and no need for hanging plastic strips that can get in the way.

Benefits of air curtains

Air curtains keep out pests, but they can do more than that. If you keep the interior or your business cool, but it gets really hot outside, the door air curtain can separate the two and keep your temperature just right without having to close that door. That can save you money. The same goes for a business that’s warm inside, but it’s cold outside, providing an efficient method of temperature control.

An air curtain can also keep out dirt, dust and moisture too.

Dependable service

Western Exterminator has been providing businesses with dependable pest control and pest prevention services for years now. We will offer you the right air curtain solutions for your business to keep those pests out. To set up an air curtain consultation with a Western Exterminator professional contact us online or call 800-937-8398.

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