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How to Get Rid of Termites

Termites are one of the costliest pests around the world, causing millions of dollars worth of property damage to homes and businesses. Termites never sleep and they can eat 24-hours a day, won’t get tired and never get full. That means that a termite infestation in and around your home can lead to costly repair damage to decks, joists, wood beams and other wooden structures.

OOnce you have a termite infestation, they can be hard to get rid of. Missing only a few termites, including the queen, can result in another infestation in a different part of the house.

Your best bet for getting rid of termites is to contact your Western Exterminator termite control specialist for treatment options.

Types and Spiecies of Termites

There are two species of termites that most residents and property owners need to concern themselves about:

Subterranean Termites - these are common termites around the world and North America. In fact, the Western Subterranean Termite is common in California and other Western states. These termites create mud tubes and build tunnels along walls and foundations to get at the wood to keep themselves moist. Subterranean termites live underground and must keep themselves sheltered from the elements using mud.

Drywood Termites - these termites do not live underground and can eat nearly any kind of wood. Drywood termites actually have a taste for drier wood (hence their name). n infestation is often harder to find with drywood termites because they don’t leave behind the telltale mud tubes. Many times you may not realize you have drywood termites until you find the damage to floors, wooden structures, floor joists and other areas of the home.

Types of Termite Treatments

Once an infestation of termites occurs , you have to get rid of them quickly. If you try to take care of termites on your own, you run the risk of termite swarmers moving the nest to another part of your property and causing more damage. Western Exterminator termite control specialists have a number of ways to get rid of termites once and for all. These include:

Termite bait and monitoring stations - these are devices placed discreetly around your property that use a bait that attract termites. Inside the stations there is a chemical treatment that will eliminate the termite nest. The stations are placed in the ground to provide termite specialists with signs of a possible new infestation so that treatments can be recommended. Baiting and monitoring stations are used most effective with subterranean termites.

Fumigation - to eliminate termites at all life cycle stages it is often recommended that fumigation be used. This involves taking very special and specific safety precautions, covering the home in a fumigation tent and using chemicals that will seep into wood and eliminate the termite nest. Fumigation is a very specific and specialized treatment that takes special tools and skills that can only be done by certified professionals.

Spot Treatments - spot treatments are usually done as a follow up when our highly trained specialists conduct inspections to ensure the entire infestation has been removed. This treatment may involve drilling into wooden structures to add the chemical treatments and use of tools that allow termite control professionals to see into the wood and eliminate the infestation.

Western Exterminator Termite Treatment Services

Termites are pests that Western Exterminator specialists have been helping eliminate for businesses and homes for decades now. We are the reliable specialists and highly trained pros that will remove termite nests and offer protection services that will prevent a return.

Contact your local Western Exterminator termite control specialist today and get a property inspection arranged.

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