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Hissing Cockroach

Hissing Cockroach


These cockroaches are shiny brown and oval-shaped, with no wings and a single pair of antennae.


Unlike most cockroaches, they are wingless, but are excellent climbers and can even scale smooth glass. Males are distinguished from females by their thicker, hairier antennae and the pronounced "horns." Females carry the ootheca (egg case) internally, and release young nymphs only after the eggs have hatched. Parents and offspring will commonly remain in close physical contact for extended periods of time. In captivity, these insects can live 5 years.

Where found:

They are from the island of Madagascar off the African coast, where they can often be found in rotting logs on the forest floor.


These insects live on forest floors, where they hide amidst leaf litter, logs, and other detritus. At night, they become more active and scavenge for meals.


The Madagascar Hissing Cockroash is an herbivore, and feeds primarily on vegetable material and fruits that fall near its home on the forest floor.


Ssssseriously? Actually, people keep them as exotic pets. Their ability to produce sound, unusual appearance and interesting behavior all contribute to their appeal. The fact that they don't bite contributes to their appeal as well. They need a small living area and a spot for them to hide because they do not like the light. They also need sticks because they sometimes like to climb.


Females create a cocoon-like egg case called an ootheca and carry their eggs (and neonatal nymphs) inside their bodies. They then bear living young. as many as 60 nymph roaches. Males possess large horns on the pronotum (behind the head), while females have only small 'bumps'. The presence or absence of the pronotal horns allows easy identification of the sexes. Nymphs undergo 6 molts before reaching maturity in 7 months. Adults are wingless and can live for 2 to 5 years. What's all the noise about? Hissing is a way of demonstrating colony hierarchy, as well as courting and communication. Madagascar hissing cockroaches hiss by exhaling air through breathing holes. This is a unique trait because most insects that make noise do so by rubbing their body parts together or by employing vibrating membranes.

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