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How To Keep Ants Away

No one wants ants in their home. Whether you're experiencing an infestation of argentine ants or carpenter ants, the best way to stop an ant problem is to take action before it starts. Ants are one of the most difficult pests to prevent from entering your property. 

When the small and persistent pests enter your property, they leave ant pheromone trails to communicate with their colony members that your home is a place where they can find food and shelter. The best way to keep ants away from your house is partnering with pest control professionals like Western Exterminator. 

While having a trained and licensed exterminator treat you're home will greatly reduce the likelihood of ant-related issues, there are steps homeowners can take on their own to keep ants away. 

How to Prevent Ants

Maintaining a high level of sanitation in your home is key to preventing pests in general but this is especially true with ants. Ants love to eat all things sticky and sweet so spills and messes that go uncleaned are very welcoming to ants. 

With that in mind it's important to not leave temptation in their path. To get rid of ants you must remember to:

  • Make it a daily habit of cleaning up spills off counters and floors
  • Sweep up daily to make sure crumbs do not provide a readily available food source for ants
  • Don't forget about the cleaning of pet bowls or any feeding areas for pets as this is common source of ant problems.
  • Double check that you have properly stored your food items in your shelves, desks and cupboards. 

Above all, cover any food in storage areas - you don't know where ants have been walking before they march across your food. 

Did you know once an ant has discovered a food source it leaves a pheromone trail? This chemical helps other ants from the colony to find food too.

How to Ant-Proof Your Home

If ants cannot gain entry into your property, then you won't have to worry about infestations. That's easier said than done as it will only take the tiniest gap to give small insects like ants access. However, it will help if you can do everything you can to seal up any cracks, holes and crevices you spot on the perimeter of your home or business. 

Common areas in your property where gaps can be found include: 

  • Window frames
  • Window screens
  • Window air conditioning units
  • Door frames
  • Areas around ground pipes
  • Air ducts
  • Any other openings on the exterior of your property

Proactive Ant Control Treatments

The most effective way to keep ants away for your home or business is to work with professionals like Western Exterminator to have preventive treatments applied to the exterior and interior of your property. While ants are active year round in California, Nevada and Arizona, it is especially important to arrange a treatment prior to the warmer months in late spring and summer. 

New residential customers have the opportunity sign up for Western Exterminator's residential maintenance plan, pestfree365. With pestfree365, you can enjoy full peace-of-mind knowing that your home will receive regularly scheduled technician visits and treatments. 

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